Client Testimonials

Jon, we appreciate all of your work, attention and encouragement. Your 'bedside manner' alleviated much apprehension and stress about the case and [my son's] experience and we needed that as much as we needed quality representation. You were a veritable blessing and I am ever grateful for your ability and willingness to take such good care of my family.


Jon...You carry yourself professionally...and very ethically. That's most important to me as I look at cases and speak with attorneys...Seeking the truth is a noble cause. Too bad it often takes much time and monies to get there...All the best,

Dr. M.H.

Dear David, I hope you and your family are doing well. I must say, you were correct in saying the healing process could begin at the conclusion of the case. I still think of my mom each and every day, but it is becoming less painful. You and your team are not only good lawyers, but good people. I'm sure that is why God has blessed you with a successful practice. Take care,


Jon and Staff, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you and your staff's efforts in resolving my accident situation...I am very thankful that my care did not cost me anything out of pocket. Your firm has performed fantastically. I hope I never have to call on your services in the future but will not hesitate to do so if required. Thanks again and God bless,


David: I wanted to let you know that this family greatly appreciates all of your efforts representing us in the matter involving our dear Phyllis. Regardless of the final outcome, we are so appreciative of your kindness, your concern, and for all the time you have shared with us. You even allowed us to occupy your personal office for an entire day, treated us to lunch and shared personal stories about your career and your family. We recognize that at the end of the day, it is still a legal and business matter, but your sincerity and compassion, which so rarely exist in today's world, has truly been a blessing to us. Sincerely,


Dear David, My family and I cannot thank you enough for the hard work, diligence and time you put forth in the case surrounding my mom's death. You and your staff exemplify professionalism, integrity and compassion. You genuinely cared about the case and showed concern for our family. Your kindness and compassion helped us endure the painful process necessary to vindicate the lack of care and wrongdoing that resulted in my mom's death. You and your assistant, Jan, always treated us with the utmost respect and kept us well informed throughout the entire case. I am grateful for all that you and your staff have done. The successful outcome exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend Pierce & Thornton without any hesitation. I wish you much success and many blessings in the future. With deepest gratitude,


Greetings Mr. Pierce and Staff, I had to stop and take this moment to thank you for all that you and your staff has done for us, the Taylor children and surviving family members of D.L.T. We are so grateful and thankful to God for all that you have worked so hard to accomplish. Thank you for your diligence, great sacrifices and time that you put forth in this matter surrounding mama's passing. I speak for the entire family in saying that we can now find some closure with her passing. We truly are thankful and grateful to God our Savior for all that you and your staff have done.

K.L.B. & Siblings

Dear Jon and staff . . . If I had to pick one thing that made our relationship great [it] was your honesty, communication and commitment - ok, that's three things! Thank you. Because of your hard work, I was able to get out of debt and purchase my first home. I always told my son that we would get our house and thanks to your commitment, we did. Thanks again!


To David . . . Thank you for your continued diligence and advice on this law suit. Thanks to you and your staff. I have recouped my expenses and lost wages due to the injuries I received in my accident. I enjoyed working with your group and will recommend you to friends in the future. God Bless You . . .


It was so important to my husband that his story be told. I thank Jon . . . every day for coming into our lives and giving a voice to my husband.


Thank you for your donation to the American Heart Association in memory of your client. This donation went towards the advancement of research to reduce cardiovascular diseases. Contributors like you truly make a difference in the fight against heart diseases and stroke. Thank you for caring and for helping us to fulfill American Heart Association's mission through research, and the education as well as community service. Again, our appreciation for your generosity. Larry B. Goldstein, M.D., President, Mid Atlantic Affiliate, American Heart Association

Larry B. Goldstein

Mr. Pierce, many thanks for all the long hours and hard work you put into Mom's case. It is good to have it behind us. We were so fortunate to have you as our lawyer and we will be grateful to you always. My mom would be so pleased that they didn't get away with such lack of care. She was a wonderful person and my best friend. I miss her deeply. Again, many thanks.

Always, L.W.

David, thanks again for a well managed and successful case outcome. It was a pleasure working with you. I never felt like we were out of the loop. We are glad it is behind us but I will miss discussing the case with you. It was always a pleasure talking with you.


Mr. Pierce is distinguished by the thoroughness and depth of his preparation, both in preparing our case AND with his dissection of the defendants' case. Mr. Pierce's research into the published work of the defendants' prime expert allowed him to pull the teeth of the expert when he deposed him. This was instrumental in his ability to negotiate a favorable settlement without trial. Mr. Pierce is a very good communicator, keeping us informed throughout the development of the case. David and his partner, Jon Thornton, have risen to the level of "Super Lawyers" and have been awarded that designation by their peers, with which we concur. This is the firm you want to handle your medical malpractice or accident case. We were impressed at the start of our case and at the conclusion we were beyond satisfied with the results. We strongly recommend Pierce & Thornton without any hesitation.

L.W. and B.W.

I am very pleased with the resolution of this claim and feel blessed beyond measure. I just don't know how we can ever thank you enough for everything you did for us to receive justice for the death of our dear mother. May God richly bless you in all things.


I will admit, I was impressed. I'm also glad you're on my side. Thanks.


I truly thank you and consider you not only to have been my attorney, but my friend as well. Again, thank you for hanging in there and for everything that was indeed done. Be blessed my friend and take care always.


I've such fond memories of all of you!! I'm glad that we hired your law firm to represent us!!


I simply want to take a moment and express my gratitude once again for all of your past efforts on my behalf. . . You and your staff will always be held in the highest regard . . . I can't thank you enough for your part in bringing [my] life a greater sense of freedom and joy.


You will always be my lawyer if I need one in the future. Thank you for being so thorough. . .


Thank you for all that you have done for me regarding the car accident. I appreciate your hard work and consideration throughout.


Thank you for helping me carry out the wishes of my late husband to vindicate the wrong which was done to him and to hopefully prevent others from suffering the same consequences as he did. The lawsuit and trial were intensely emotional experiences, following on the heels of our family's tragedy, but you supported me with genuine friendship and kindness. Through the entire process, I always felt trust and confidence in your judgment. I was very proud to have had you represent me in the courtroom. You have my wholehearted recommendation.


I strongly recommend the law firm of Pierce & Thornton to anyone who needs a wrong righted . . . The attorney who represented me and my loved ones, Jon L. Thornton, did a great job. Jon Thornton . . . is a man of great passion. It's more than a case to Jon Thornton, he represents you as if it happened to him.


A good friend of mine recommended I contact the law firm of Pierce & Thornton for representation following an automobile accident in which I sustained multiple fractures requiring a long period of hospitalization, recovery and rehabilitation. Mr. Thornton showed tremendous compassion and concern for my well-being and recovery, all the while handling my case with the utmost diligence and professionalism. After more than a year of preparation for trial, my case was settled for greater than five times the amount originally offered by the defendant's insurer. I was extremely satisfied by the resolution of my case and I strongly believe Mr. Thornton was the key to such a successful outcome. I give the law firm of Pierce & Thornton my highest recommendation, and should my family or I ever need assistance of this nature in the future, I will definitely give them a call.


. . . Jon Thornton handled my case in a way that I suspect he handles all of his cases - with a sense of urgency and high integrity. Jon left no stone unturned as he worked toward the successful outcome.


After being rear ended by another driver, I was well represented by Pierce & Thornton. Mr. Thornton did an outstanding job of presenting my case and receiving just compensation for me.

Dr. M.J.H.

I want to thank you for the professional way you handled my case. I always felt like I was special. If I ever require attorney services, you will be my first choice.


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