Motorcycle Accidents

It is not surprising that most motorcycle accidents result in serious injury to the motorcycle rider and that the injury is frequently a catastrophic one or death. National statistics indicate that more than 2,000 motorcyclists are killed in the United States each year. The accident data also indicates that the cause of the motorcycle accident, more often than not, is the operator of the automobile or SUV that struck the motorcyclist.

The most common injuries that occur to the motorcyclist are injuries to the face, fractured skulls and brain injuries that can change the motorcycle rider's life forever. Also, the motorcyclist commonly sustains bone fractures, internal injuries and "road rash" caused during the crash. Finally, in the more severe cases, paralysis and spinal cord injury can occur to the motorcyclist who is particularly vulnerable and unprotected, compared to an automobile driver.

National studies indicate that the majority of motorcycle crashes occur at intersections and involve the other driver failing to yield the right of way to, or making an illegal turn in front of a motorcyclist. The overwhelming cause of motorcycle crashes is a failure of the automobile vehicle driver to see the motorcyclist. Inattentive drivers on cell phones, Blackberry's or those using Ipods or satellite radio while driving have increased the likelihood of a motorcyclist not being seen on the roadway. Recognizing that other drivers are often the cause of motorcycle accidents, at Pierce & Thornton, we encourage all motorcycle drivers to wear safety helmets, protective clothing and to take motorcycle safety courses to reduce the likelihood that they will be a victim of someone else's negligence.

At Pierce & Thornton, we have experience in investigating and resolving motorcycle accident cases. We have obtained compensation for victims of motorcycle crashes and their families. Any time a motor vehicle crash occurs, there is vital evidence that needs to be preserved at the scene, including measurement and analysis of skid marks, photography of the physical debris on the roadway and other evidence that will be lost if it is not preserved soon after the accident. Therefore, if you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle crash, we urge you to contact the attorneys at Pierce & Thornton so that our firm can begin investigating and preparing your case for settlement or if necessary, trial.

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